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I partner with Project Managers and

Social, Engineering & High Tech Entrepreneurs

who’ve never been taught how to be a Boss to become a Leader.

 Leadership Problem #1 –  Forget Strategic Planning … Tactics Are the Future!

The world is over-saturated with ‘business-thought’ leadership and the last thing anyone needs is one more inspirational TED talk … the gap in the world is a focus on tactics and ACTION.

 The concept of leadership is quite simple: It is the act of motivating and engaging people and getting them to accomplish a goal or objective.

 Leadership Problem #2 – You Are Sick & Tired Of People Talking About Leadership Without Telling You How To Do It?

I’m Steve Armstrong, Leadership Expert, Speaker & Author of You Can’t Lead From Behind.

I work with professionally technically and intellectually brilliant leaders who are struggling in their roles because they were never taught how to lead.

 Leadership Problem #3 – The World Is Full Of Failed Site Superintendents Who Were Once Great Carpenters

The biggest misconception about moving into a leadership or management position is that most think it’s simply a promotion. Photo of Steve Armstrong founder of Paratus Education

Leadership is not simply a promotion. It is a career change to an entirely new profession!

If you want to do your leadership job effectively, you will be exercising a vastly different set of skills on a daily basis to what you used in your old job … skills you likely haven’t developed and might not even be aware you need.

I Partner With People Like You To Solve Their Leadership Problems