Curriculum Vitae

Steven D Armstrong, OStJ, CD, MSc

226 Riverside Circle S.E. Calgary, Alberta, T2C 3Y3

403-701-3752 * sdaparatus@gmail.com





  • Master of Science – Public Policy and Management, University of London, UK, 2013


o   Dissertation: Is Homecare the Solution? If so, why is it not being fully implemented? – A Critical Examination of the Canadian System.

o   Second class honours, upper division (2:1)


  • Accredited Municipal Manager, Clerk Treasurer, The Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario, 1998 – 2002


o   Demonstrated the essential and integrated knowledge of the processes and administration of local government in the areas of systemic organization and management, legal framework and interpretation, finance, and human resources management.


  • Leadership and Career Progression Courses, Canadian Armed Forces


o   Various trade specific courses

o   Leadership courses culminating in the Infantry Company Sergeants Major qualification course.


Governance Experience


  • Town of Norman Wells (NWT) – Chief Administrative Officer:


o   Current municipal governance structures identify the Council as a whole as the executive and legislative arms of municipal government and the Mayor as the Chief Executive Officer. In this reality the CAO’s roles in relationship to governance include: assistance to Council in understanding its governance role; relationship building with the Mayor (CEO); Policy Advice and Leadership on Key Issues; Providing quality advice and guidance to Council on strategic priority-setting; Discharge of all legislative and CAO bylaw requirements


  • Calgary Centre for Non-Profit Management – Board Development Consulting Volunteer


o   As a volunteer I worked with the Boards of several organizations from true Policy Boards to operational boards with: Board Responsibilities; Governance and Management Practices; Clarity of Roles and Objectives; Leadership Capacity; and, Adaptability and Flexibility.


  • Calgary Self Help – Audit & Finance Committee & Director


o   As a member of the finance and audit committee I assisted the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for the financial reporting process including: the integrity of the Corporation’s financial statements and financial reporting process; compliance with legal and regulatory requirements; oversight of Budget preparation for Board review and approval; and, the qualifications and independence of the independent auditor.


  • Canadian Red Cross – Provincial Director


o   During the early 90’s, the Canadian Red Cross applied aspects of the Carver Model of Governance through a Red Cross Policy Governance Model. This Model included Governance Volunteers at the National, Zone and Regional Levels. In 2009 the Canadian government passed the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act S.C. (Act). This provided allowed the Society not only to comply with the Act and to examine governance functions and structure of the Society as well. I was part of the executive leadership team who worked with existing governance structures to transition from governance to advisory and how they would carry-out their responsibilities such that the society respected Carver’s policy model and the Principle of volunteerism.


Teaching, Mentoring & Coaching Experience


  • Mount Royal University


o   Member- Leadership Development Advisory Committee, providing advise & counsel to MRU’s Leadership Development programs in meeting the needs of students, industry, employers and the wider community.

o   Guest Lecturer – Assessing & Analysing Risk in Decision Making

o   Seminar Lead – Beyond the Flood, the impact of the 2013 Floods on Non-Profits

o   Instructor (Spring 2014) – Strategic Problem Solving & Decision Making


  • University of Calgary


o   Guest Lecturer – Faculty of Nursing, Nursing & Public Health in Humanitarian Responses


  • Canadian Armed Forces


o   Instructional delivery ranging from recruit instruction to strategic and tactical leadership to officers and senior non-commissioned officers at the:

  • Canadian Forces Leadership Institute
  • Canadian Forces Peace Support Centre
  • Canadian Forces Army Battle School(s)
  • Canadian Forces Combat Training Centre
  • Canadian Forces Staff College

o   Skills training ranging from weapons handling, driving, survival skills to combat operations at the:

  • Canadian Forces Army Battle School(s)
  • Canadian Forces Combat Training Centre
  • Local and Unit Level

o   Mentoring and developing leaders in formal adult education settings to practical & experiential on-the-job training


  • Canadian Red Cross


o   Development and delivery of training to Disaster management leaders and trainers in the areas of human resource management, personal support, volunteer management, logistics, operations and leadership in an disaster/emergency setting


  • 32 years developing and evaluating training and education activities to facilitate continuous improvement of instructional programs; identifying successes of instructional programs and how the conditions for success may be developed; and, conducting evaluations to negative feedback from validation reports, instructors, course evaluation forms or high failure rates.


Employment Experience


  • Jul 2013 – Present: Owner & Principle Consultant at PARATUS Education


I am a Leadership and Team-Building Speaker, Consultant and Coach, who works with a variety of industries helping companies get the best from their employees. I provide outstanding service in keeping executives and employees moving towards their objectives and working to their utmost capacity.



  • 2001 – 2013: The Canadian Red Cross


o   2006 – 2013: Director – Alberta Operations


I am responsible for the leadership of the effective delivery of humanitarian services to over 500,000 Albertans. I lead a team of 120 professional paid staff, 2,000 professional volunteers and 1,000 service delivery partners with a revenue budget of $30 million.


My role is to position Red Cross with our external partners. I lead a team who moved our relationship with government from an after-thought to a peer-to-peer relationship in health and disaster response.


Fully two-thirds of the Red Cross budget and activities are healthcare related. Health related businesses and activities that range from field hospitals, to equipment loans and to being the largest homecare service provider in Canada. I have been part of a national team whose mandate is to develop a health strategy for the Canadian Red Cross knowing that aging populations are the next “natural” disaster facing citizens and governments. We are exploring structures, systems, cultures and strategies that will place the healthcare consumer and their family at the centre of concentric rings of caregivers, home and community.


Additionally, I provide leadership to first-aid, water-safety, injury-prevention and violence & abuse programs. I believe education, prevention and wellness initiatives, such as these, prevent people from becoming healthcare consumers and are vitally important components of the healthcare continuum.


o   2004 – 2006                  Sri Lanka Country Coordinator – tsunami operations


I was responsible for building and leading the team who would establish the Canadian Red Cross response that would address the vulnerability of hundreds of thousands of tsunami-affected people. Working in an extremely complex and challenging environment, we provided emergency relief supplies and shelter to those who lost everything to the tsunami.


In the post-emergency phase, we were responsible for: building 2,000 homes; rebuilding two regional hospitals & several health centres; and, developing community based health programs in several districts.


o   2001– 2004:                   Director – Disaster, International & Youth Programs in Ontario


I was an integral part of a team tasked to save $2,000,000 in operating expenses by changing the Red Cross’ organization, structure & culture that resulted in a net fiscal turn around of $3,800,000 at the end of that fiscal year.


During SARS I & II and BC Fires Responses I managed the Red Cross response across a wide geographic area and dealing with a matrix of Red Cross, other responding organizations and provincial & municipal governments. In addition to leading the response, I also lead the team that was the public face of Red Cross to the Public, government and the media.


  • 1998 – 2001: Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Norman Wells, NWT


I restructured the corporate structure in Town of Norman Wells. The work entailed the releasing of a number of long-time employees, reorganising a top-heavy bureaucracy of nine directors into four departments and implementing significant cost control and budgetary measures. I am extremely proud of this work as I maintained a high standard of honesty and my principles while dealing with significant labour issues and extremely complicated & intricate political situation.




  • 1976 – 1998:                  Company Sergeant Major, Canadian Armed Forces – Army


Certainly, the highpoint of my life was to serve Canada as a soldier. A highlight of many highlights was being a key part of the leadership team of our infantry company rated as the best, most combat ready unit of over 30 rifle companies; and, lead and serve with those men and women in highly intense and dangerous situations.


I have a wide range of international experience: as part of the NATO standing force in Europe; United Nations protection and humanitarian services missions in Sub-Saharan and the Great Lakes regions of Africa, Namibia, Cyprus & the Sinai; and, protection missions in Former Yugoslavian Republic.




  • Personal, Academic, Employment and Character References available on request

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