The biggest obstacle to achieving business agility is culture.

Unagile or rigid business management is about a culture of control and achieving smooth, consistent results.

In an unagile or rigid business management system mistakes or disruption are not safe for employees.

In this type of environment, being seen to have everything under control and avoid setbacks is seen as a success and the path to promotion.

An agile business has the ability of an organization to rapidly adapt to market and environmental changes in productive and cost-effective ways.

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Business Agility

Business agility is simple yet infinitely complex because it means innovation and change!

And, change by its very nature is disruptive.

Innovation requires that you inevitably will make mistakes, learn from them, and quickly iterate toward an improved solution.

The issue is that you can’t innovate into an agile organization when people aren’t safe to make mistakes and share the lessons learned.

Changing a culture to align with an agile approach requires more than a high minded announcement that it is safe to make mistakes.

It requires everyone in your organization to change how they manage and to be intentional about changing their behaviour.

When you get frustrated when your team makes mistakes, that frustration drives your behaviour which in turn is telegraphed to everyone around you.

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Your frustration creates an unsafe environment.

To get agile, you need to be intentional that your team understands that mistakes are good as long as your team is rapidly pivoting when they are encountered.

The trick is to ensure your people feel safe enough to bring their mistakes to you.

When a mistake is made, take a breath, align as a team and take the next step toward the desired outcome.

Your people deserve better than you being an ass


Achieving Business agility requires that you move fast and make mistakes, and this is part of innovation.

 If you are spending all your time trying to figure out who made the mistake instead of what happened, you will never achieve business agility.


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