It’s A 3 Step Program

1. Admitting You Have A Problem

2. Diagnose & Define Your Problem

3. Treat The Problem Together

The Founder & President of an engineering firm knew he had pain … it was not heart-attack pain.

But it was chronic, significant and uncomfortable.

He is a technically, intellectually brilliant and successful. His firm had grown from 10 to 60 employees; he shared his equity in his firm in an effort to retain high potential team members; and, profits were healthy. Yet he was frustrated and unsatisfied because:

  • His customers were starting to become unhappy.
  • His firm was not performing to his expectations.
  • His work was impacting his family and friendships.
  • He was losing sleep.

He needed a trusted ear to talk to. We spent time over coffee talking through what was going on. After one of our sessions, he admitted that he had the first good night’s sleep in ages because he was getting this off his chest.


We knew there was a problem. To find out what was really going on I quantified what was happening by:

  • Electronically surveying all employees and random staff were interviewed
  • Personally interviewing all managers.
  • Reviewing:
    • Organizational structure,
    • Division of labour,
    • Span of control and chain of command,
    • Levels of authority, responsibility, delegation and accountability.
    • Decision-making structures were reviewed for effectiveness.



We found that the change of ownership structure was poorly implemented and lacked the rigour and discipline required to hold leadership accountable. Employees felt unsafe and that something significant was lost during that change with the team’s culture.

Each of the managers felt that the other managers felt entitled and were not pulling their weight.

The Founder self-identified himself as a ‘people-pleaser,’ and His team felt that he wasn’t leading … in short the Firm had lost its culture of leadership.



If the current circumstances continued would almost guarantee business failure. There was goodwill and hope but they needed to re-establish a culture of leadership and do it soon.

I recommended that he must clarify leadership roles, hold managers accountable and established clear project tools.

I coach the Founder and his leadership team as they worked through the implementation of the recommendations and as they re-established their roles as leaders.



This is not uncommon for technically and intellectually brilliant entrepreneurs to have never learned how to lead people or to not have the patience to deal with people issues.

To his credit, the Founder took responsibility to rebuild his firm’s culture of leadership. But he needed a trusted 3rd party to advise, mentor and coach him to re-establish his leadership.

I was able to provide him with a time and budget bound intervention that articulated what was going on with his company and a path towards fixing it.

My intervention allowed him to give his people what they were begging for … respectful leadership.



You are a bright, smart entrepreneur and you are working hard for yourself, your family and your team members, but are you sleeping well?

Are you getting what you are looking for from your business experience?

Are you looking for someone to talk to about what is going on?



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