Reaching the top is only the beginning.

Becoming a true leader isn’t about a title, a raise, or an office.

It means constantly learning how you can get better, and how you can inspire others. It’s about figuring out the best way forward, especially when it’s hard.

It’s about doing what it takes to get the results you want.

Eventually, planning and the people you need to achieve your goals will intersect.
I work with you to enable your organization to change.

Are you missing your objectives due to:

– a loss of effectiveness as you scale from a hi-performance team into an enterprise?

– trusting layers of management to communicate and provide leadership?

– struggling to identify and develop leadership talent?

Have you invested in expensive and time-consuming leadership development programs in the past without any real and lasting results for your people?

Despite all that energy and effort, successfully leading teams through change remains a struggle.

As a result, you may be asking yourself:

– What’s missing?
– What am I not getting?  
– What am I doing wrong?

I partner with leaders like you to be able to inspire not only followers but to ignite leaders throughout the workplace to collaborate. 

I help teams work.

When the stakes are high, you need your people to deliver.

I help you connect people to purpose and motivate them to change.

Forget Strategic Planning – Tactics Are the Future!


The world is over-saturated with ‘business-thought’  leadership, and the last thing anyone needs is one more inspirational TED talk … the gap in the world is a focus on tactics and ACTION.

The concept of leadership is quite simple: It is the act of motivating and engaging people and getting them to accomplish a goal or objective.


Do you need the leaders of tomorrow, today?
Your business must continuously adapt by developing your leaders to stay relevant.

I’m Steve Armstrong, Leadership Expert, Speaker & Author of You Can’t Lead From Behind.

From Iqaluit to Sri Lanka, Europe to Africa, SARS to September 11, Steve has been there & done that and brings to your team the lessons gained from a world of experience.

Through messages delivered with trademark frankness and a mix of humorous quips that keep audiences leaning in and taking notes, Steve can relate his experiences where a laser-like focus on the mission was required to keep people alive to your workplace.

“The World Is Full Of Failed Site Superintendents Who Were Once Great Carpenters’

– Steve Armstrong

The misconception about moving into a leadership or management position is that most think it’s merely a promotion. 

Leadership is not a promotion. It is a career change to an entirely new profession!

If you want to fulfill your leadership role, you will be exercising a vastly different set of skills daily to what you used in your old job. Skills you likely haven’t developed and might not even be aware you need.

I Partner With People Like You To Solve Their Leadership Problems