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Eventually, planning and the people you need to achieve your goals will intersect.
I work with you to enable your organization to change.

Are you missing your objectives due to:

– a loss of effectiveness as you scale from a hi-performance team into an enterprise?

– trusting layers of management to communicate and provide leadership?

– struggling to identify and develop leadership talent?

Have you invested in expensive and time-consuming leadership development programs in the past without any real and lasting results for your people?

Despite all that energy and effort, successfully leading teams through change remains a struggle.

As a result, you may be asking yourself:

– What’s missing?
– What am I not getting?  
– What am I doing wrong?

I partner with leaders like you to be able to inspire not only followers but to ignite leaders throughout the workplace to collaborate. 

I help teams work.

When the stakes are high, you need your people to deliver.

I help you connect people to purpose and motivate them to change.

Forget Strategic Planning – Tactics Are the Future!


The world is over-saturated with ‘business-thought’  leadership, and the last thing anyone needs is one more inspirational TED talk … the gap in the world is a focus on tactics and ACTION.

The concept of leadership is quite simple: It is the act of motivating and engaging people and getting them to accomplish a goal or objective.


Do you need the leaders of tomorrow, today?
Your business must continuously adapt by developing your leaders to stay relevant.

I’m Steve Armstrong, Leadership Expert, Speaker & Author of You Can’t Lead From Behind.

From Iqaluit to Sri Lanka, Europe to Africa, SARS to September 11, Steve has been there & done that and brings to your team the lessons gained from a world of experience.

Through messages delivered with trademark frankness and a mix of humorous quips that keep audiences leaning in and taking notes, Steve can relate his experiences where a laser-like focus on the mission was required to keep people alive to your workplace.

“The World Is Full Of Failed Site Superintendents Who Were Once Great Carpenters’

– Steve Armstrong

The misconception about moving into a leadership or management position is that most think it’s merely a promotion. 

Leadership is not a promotion. It is a career change to an entirely new profession!

If you want to fulfill your leadership role, you will be exercising a vastly different set of skills daily to what you used in your old job. Skills you likely haven’t developed and might not even be aware you need.

I Partner With People Like You To Solve Their Leadership Problems