There are ox-cartloads of theories that explain how to develop, communicate, and make decisions based on priorities. But in a recent survey readers of my blogs identified that that competing priorities drove them to distraction.

I have a very simple piece of advice for you if what you are working on is not moving you closer to achieving your goals and objectives … then why are you working on it at all?

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You should be asking yourself that every time something new comes up: ‘how does this project, or opportunity get me closer to achieving my goals.’

Here are helpful tricks that can help you decide which priorities you should focus your attention on:

  1. Check in with your boss.

If you aren’t sure what your priorities are you had better hustle down the hall and talk to your boss or your Board. One of their first responsibilities is to help you understand what’s important and what’s not.

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  1. Check in with others.

If you’re tasks involve other people, talk to them. Find out from them when they need your help or if they can lend a hand. They may not need your deliverable right away or if they aren’t as busy as you are they could help out.

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  1. Manage Expectations.

Once you’ve determined what’s really important and what you should tackle first, put it in writing and share it with everyone involved. This sets expectations for when you’ll get your work done and yourself.

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