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4 Things You Can Do To Make Sense Of The Unimaginable

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As a speaker I have the great privilege passing on the leadership lessons I have learned from a lifetime of business, military service and responding to disasters to audiences around the world.

I translate the lessons learned from managing huge and complex disasters like SARS, 9/11, tsunamis, wildfires and from leading soldiers into language the audience understands and can start using immediately after our time together.

Know what happens next?

Inevitably, following each presentation somebody will ask: “How did you do it? How did you make sense of it all?”

I explain that my experiences and training has allowed me to approach each event, no matter how large or unique, as a project. I take the time to pause, assess the situation and my resources; decide on my objection; make a plan; take actions; and, then monitor and adjust my plan.

More than that, I engage my stakeholders, talk to my people; work with everyone involved and build a community who want to solve this problem.

Interested in learning more?

I recently delivered a webinar where I discussed how to lead any project; whether responding to disaster; leading an IT upgrade, a construction project or changing coffee makers.

I would like to share a recording of that educational opportunity with you.

Just click the icon above for access to my webinar titled “How Project Management Saved the world!”


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