The Biggest Management Lie Ever Told — Micromanagement Is Bad

Employees hate being micromanaged because they believe that it is a sure indication that bosses do not trust or are just crappy at their job. That said most employees who feel that way probably deserve to be micromanaged because of their poor performance.

Most supervisors don’t realize they’re micromanaging because they honestly believe they are doing a good job.

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 To frame this conversation we need to be clear that a boss has one primary responsible: meet the organization’s objectives, and while micromanagement has a bad rap it is a necessary part of managing people and ensuring your objectives are met.

Here are two situations where micromanagement required:

1) New projects or systems

With familiar projects and systems, giving employees space to work is efficient and effective, but when implementing something new, micromanagement is necessary to make sure everyone is on the same page.

New projects or systems do not have established workflows, and as a manager, it is your job to fill this gap by checking in on a consistent basis to make sure the project and systems are implemented properly and monitored for risk and effectiveness.

Is this micromanagement?

Arguably yes, but when done well most employees appreciate this as leadership, support and guidance.

2) Poor performance

If you have people who are not performing, you had better start micromanaging.

In polite parlance this is called performance-management but make no mistake it is micro-management.

It is honest conversations about why someone is not performing follow by close up and personal supervision to ensure they will improve.

The good and bad of Micromanagement

Micromanaging because you are a bully, afraid or not willing to deal honestly with performance issues is a huge mistake.

Micromanaging because your and your organization’s success depends on it, is fair game.

Just be honest about why you are doing it.

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One thought on “The Biggest Management Lie Ever Told — Micromanagement Is Bad

  1. So true! I think we buy into far too many general beliefs that simply don’t work all the time – like management by walking around and motivating the “unmotivated”

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