As Zig Ziglar famously said, “A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.”

How far can you go?

But maybe you need someone you can trust to help figure out how to go farther?

Why Steve?

CDoYUdGT-i8p-AOrsGkASh7KykddOMlTLJkpb5aJk4cStudy after study has shown that two-thirds of executives are fired because they failed to meet their objectives and a similar percentage of employees leave their jobs because they are not being worked to their capacity, Steve can prevent you from being a statistic!

Steve works with you to get the best out of their employees, reduce turnover and achieve their targets.

His coaching is designed to assist leaders in prioritizing their work, deciding when & how to decide and clearly communicate what you, as the leader, are trying to achieve. Steve provides honest, frank and confidential conversations to ensure you are aligned with your organization’s mission & objectives and your people are working towards your goals.



Individual Coaching


Are you a new or unsure leader that’s finding yourself with little to no authority?

You know leadership is essential but you’re unsure of where and how to begin.

Through my coaching program, you will find your breakthrough moment on becoming a successful leader. We will work together, 1 on 1, to create a path that will guarantee your success.

During the program, I will be with you every step of the way by providing unlimited support.

Are you intellectually and technically brilliant and have built an organization to achieve amazing and remarkable results?

Are your dreams and aspirations for your leadership experience leaving you wanting?


  • You don’t have time to fix those human irritants that continually get in the way
  • You can’t believe these organizational problems are still going on
  • You find leading your people overwhelming
  • That nagging pain caused by people is present in everything you do
  • You are unsure what you should work on or what you should just let go

Through the lessons learned from 35 years as a leader, soldier, and humanitarian I have honed my insights, leadership skills and unique ability to understand the human dynamics that seem to constantly trip up us reaching our leadership experience.

I have clients who, like you, are disappointed with their leadership experience. One was in such a state of pain that after giving him a chance to get it off his chest he told me that ‘he had his first good night’s sleep in months’.

To help you sleep, I can provide a time and price bound package that will:

  1. Act by defining the pain that is getting in the way of your success
  2. Be sure by diagnosing the pain
  3. Do develop solutions for your pain and implement the cure

In this exciting new coaching program, your tuition includes:

  • Safety & Confidentiality
  • Three months of Coaching to provide time to benefit
  • Two one-on-one coaching calls each month to help ensure you are on track
  • Six 60 minute calls to go deep into what’s on your mind
  • Unlimited Email access
  • A copy of Steve’s Book: You Can’t Lead From Behind

Bottom Line Results: The results to be expected from this program are that you will move your business forward, on a consistent basis with a coach (who knows what works and what doesn’t) by your side.

Investment: $1,500- That’s right, just $500 per month. If you’ve been thinking about moving your career to the next level, act now. You will be investing in your future.


Interested In Coaching … It All Starts With A Conversation

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